Mikkel Kristensen

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Mikkel has a degree in media studies from the University of Copenhagen. He has also been working as a production manager on projects such as a stand-up show starring Thomas Hartmann and a feature film starring Vanessa Johansson. He is co-owner of the production company Phenomena Pictures, through which he has produced a number of prize winning short films as well as music videos and commercials. Mikkel finds his inspiration in genre movies, which is a rarety in the Danish film scene. He soon started producing his own genre projects, among others the Danish/American action film Eastern Army. He is currently employed as a producer at Angel Films and The Danish Film Studio.

Selected filmography:

2011: ”Skavengers” by Nikolaj Tarp. Feature film (Zeitgeist Film) – Production manager

2011: ”Små Mænd” by Philip Pedersen. Short film (Phenomena Pictures) – Producer

2011: ”The Fro”  af Philip Pedersen. Short film (Phenomena Pictures) – Post producer

2010: ”Eastern Army” by Philip Pedersen. Short film (Phenomena Pictures) –Producer and production manager

2008: ”Hjertet” by Anders Skov. Shortfilm (Fridthjof Film) – Producer/Production manager